Cleaning and disinfection methods for various applications

Air cleaners and UV-C lamps are proven methods for cleaning and disinfecting air and surfaces. They are therefore highly suitable for various industries and applications.
In sectors such as healthcare, public transport, education, government in general, the recreation sector and in business, organisations are looking for ways to create a safe living, working, travelling and accommodation environment.

Applications of air and surface cleaning

Regular cleaning activities of offices, practices, public spaces, schools, hospitals, hotels, public transport and attractions at amusement parks and fairs continue. What our UV-C products and air cleaners do in addition is that they clean rooms and surfaces from bacteria and viruses very effectively and quickly.



UVIX creates safety in perception so that hospitality is once again in the foreground

Care & Medical

Care and medical

Air and surface cleaning for the healthcare and medical sector

Public transportation

Public transportation

Bring the traveller back to public transport by creating a safer transport climate



Create a safe and clean shopping experience and bring consumers back to the high street

Cleaning industry


Provide a safe environment for your guests and your staff

Beauty industry

Beauty and Care

Receive your customers in a safe salon and protect your staff

Sport & Recreation

Sport and recreation

Create a safe and clean sporting experience for athletes and employees

Air and surface cleaning in schools


Safe and concentrated learning and teaching, schools never close again.

Air and surface cleaning


Work safely with colleagues and receive customers in a clean environment

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Aerus Pure & Clean

Small, lightweight and silent air purifier for purifying air and surface

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AirPuris E1 Steriliser

Air purifier and steriliser. It purifies and sterilises bacteria and viruses.

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Aerus Beyond Guardian Air

The world's best system for purifying air and surface in a room

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